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Because why SHOULDN'T I crosspost this everywhere in the world? ;P

Title: here i go, mumbling
Author: snoopypez
Fandom: due South
Pairing: Fraser/Vecchio
Rating: PG
Word count: 1,137
Cliche: Episode tags, Everyone thinks we're doing it
Summary: Ray wasn't sure how they ended up standing outside Crabs 'n' Things on a warm Tuesday night. Post-Mask.
Author's Notes: For belmanoir on her birthday! Happy happy birthday! I hope this meets with your approval. :D Because you are awesome and talented and lots of great things, and I kinda miss you a bunch.

Also: the title doesn't make much sense in a way, but awwww. Also-also, unbeta-ed, but thank you to sionnain for the help and read through and faith-having :D

"Yeah? Which part got you so intrigued? The crabs or the things?"
Title: Five ways Hope didn't convince Curtis and Newbie to have a threeway
Author: Petra
Fandom: Twitch City
Summary: Hope springs eternal in one specific human's breast.
Pairing: Hope/Curtis/Newbie
Rating: Naked people
Word count: 500
Clichés: Five Things
Notes: For belmanoir because she is a credit to her fandom. Happy Canada Day!
Disclaimer: The characters are not mine and I make no profit from writing this.

Coming between boys and their televisionCollapse )
Title: Plan A
Author: belmanoir
Fandom: Hustle
Pairing: Mickey/Danny
Rating: mild NC-17
Word Count: 2269
Cliché: undercover in a gay bar
Summary: Danny and Mickey are pretending to be a couple for a con, and things get out of hand.
Warnings: reluctant (but completely consensual) public sex
Notes: Takes place somewhere in the first three seasons because that's as far as I've seen. Britpicked by catwalksalone.
Disclaimer: These characters aren't mine and I am making no money off this.

Somehow, when the mark had said 'party,' Mickey hadn't translated that as 'homosexual orgy.'Collapse )
29 June 2009 @ 10:59 am
Welcome to giant_cliches!

So, myself (sionnain), belmanoir and waltzforanight were very sad to have missed out on a cliche!bingo card. ::sad:: So then we decided, hey, why not have a low-stress comm where you can post your multi-fandom cliché!fics?

And thus, after several unsuccessful naming attempts this comm was born!

These clichés were taken from the master list at Cliche Bingo. If you have any to add, just let us know!

Cliches are this way!Collapse )

Please use a header for your fic, so we know what fandom it is, rating, all that good stuff. And if you could tag your fic, that would be superfantastic! Author: your name, fandom: your fandom, cliché: your cliché would be TERRIFIC.

Have fun! Write cliché fic for us to read! Leave feedback! Yay! Feel free to cross-post, link to your journal/DW/Fic comm/website whatever. Have fun!!